Elfriede Jelinek
2004 Nobel Prize Winner!

Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture and Thought

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Elfriede Jelinek -- 2004 Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

Check out these titles published by Ariadne Press:

The Art of Emma Bormann

Elfriede Jelinek: Framed by Language,
Edited by Jorun B. Johns and Katherine Arens

(Jelinek: "The Lovers")

New Anthology of Contemporary Austrian Folk Plays,
(Jelinek: "President Evening Breeze")

Women's Words, Women's Works,
(Jelinek: "Clara S. A Musical Tragedy")

Out from the Shadows,
(various authors on Jelinek)

Thunder Rumbling at My Heels,
(Gerhard Austin on Jelinek's "Filmbook")

Modern Austrian Prose,
(Rebecca S. Thomas on Jelinek's "Liebhaberinnen"

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We are happy to announce that our translator Michael Mitchell is the recipient of the prestigious Schlegel-Tieck Prize for Translation. This award was presented to him for the best translation of a book from German published in 1998 in the United Kingdom. We congratulate Mike and hope that he will continue to translate many interesting titles for us.

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